Use Full or Partial Dentures to Renew Your Smile

If you are missing many, or all, of their teeth, dentures may be a good solution. At Refresh Dentistry we utilize state-of-the-art techniques and excellent materials to create beautiful and natural-looking dentures to give you a refreshingly whole smile.

Depending on your teeth replacement needs, Dr. Rogers can customize a full set of dentures for your upper and lower arches, or he can create partial dentures to fill in those unsightly gaps around your natural teeth.

Full Dentures – We have a few different options for dentures in Broken Arrow. A full set of dentures can be attached via traditional methods—such as adhesive—or with dental implants. Implant-retained dentures are excellent way to restore your full smile and ensure your continued good oral health.

Partials – If you only need to replace a few missing teeth, Dr. Rogers will take the utmost care in creating partials that fit into your natural smile comfortably. Partial dentures can be attached to your natural teeth with metal clasps—or can be put into place using dental implants.

Replacing your teeth improves your appearance as well as your speech and allows you to eat a better diet of wholesome, healthy foods.

At Refresh Dentistry, Dr. Rogers will use his extensive skills and experience to make sure your dentures have both form and function. He will mold a set of upper and lower dentures that will let you show off a very natural and gorgeous new smile.

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