Put Your Anxiety to Rest with Sleep Dentistry

We understand that a trip to the dentist can be a difficult thing for many people, causing anxiety and, in some cases, outright fear.

Some of our patients try to tell themselves the toothache isn’t that bad after all, and it will surely go away in a few days. If that’s the case, might as well grin (not showing any teeth, of course) and bear it.

You Don’t Have to be Nervous

Sleep dentistry (also called sedation dentistry) can help you relax throughout the procedure. While we call it sleep dentistry, that doesn’t mean you’ll necessarily be completely asleep. In some cases, a patient may only require minimal sedation, while others will need to go further under.

If you have concerns, be sure to speak with us and we’ll determine what will work well for you. We can discuss your medical history, the reasons for the anxiety, and even your pain threshold. These and many other factors will determine whether or not sleep dentistry is for you and how effective it will really be.

We are trained to deliver the best solutions for your problem. Contact us today and don’t let your anxiety determine your oral health.