Smiling. It’s something everyone knows how to do from the day they are born. As a matter of fact, it’s been shown that babies know how to smile from birth. Many people mistakenly believe that the act of smiling is something that is done in reaction to things around us.

However, smiling can also be something people can proactively use to improve their lives. This article will discuss the various psychological benefits of smiling.

Stress Relief

According to the Association for Psychological Sciences, smiling can be very effective in reducing stress. When conducting their study, it was found that the participants experienced far less stress when smiling than the participants who maintained neutral expressions.

The smiling participants responded to stress in a way that was more effective. When they were exposed to stress, they had lower heart rates than those who weren’t smiling. If you’re feeling stressed, try smiling. Even if you’re faking the smile, it can still get positive results.

Improved Moods

Another important benefit of smiling is that it can greatly improve your mood. It triggers activity in your brain that is conducive to making you feel happier.

In your brain, there are neurotransmitters that are known as endorphins. These neurotransmitters are related to the “happy” feeling we get when something positive occurs.

When you smile, more endorphins are released. When these endorphins are released, your mood changes in a more positive way. Next time you’re feeling sad, try smiling.

Become More Recognizable

Are you tired of being unnoticed? Do people ever have troubling remembering who you are? It could be because you’re not smiling enough!

Our brains are conditioned to notice people who are smiling more than those that do not. In a study, participants were shown several pictures of people with neutral expressions and smiling expressions. When asked to recall the people in the pictures, the participants remembered the smiling faces more than those with neutral expressions. If you want to be noticed more, try grinning more often!

It’s Contagious

Smiling may have great benefits for you, but it also can benefit the people around you. When you smile, it makes other people want to smile as well.

A study showed that when people who were exposed to others smiling, it become harder for them not to smile. They had to exert more of an effort to not mimic the same smiling expression that they were shown in pictures.

The participants of this study were shown pictures depicting different emotions. When they saw pictures with people smiling, the researchers asked the participants to frown. They discovered that the participants ended up mimicking the smiling expressions they saw in the pictures.

People Trust You

Ever have trouble getting your peers or customers to trust you? Try smiling! People who smile are considered to be more trustworthy than those who don’t.

This is important to anyone who works with other people (and who doesn’t?). Researchers have found that smiling increases the likelihood that people will trust.

When you’re dealing with others, gaining their trust can be important. Wearing a nice smile can help you do just that.

There you have it. Smiling has more benefits than just making you look more attractive. It can help you improve your mood, deal with stress easier, be more recognizable, gain trust and positively impact the moods of those around you.

If you’re going to be smiling more, you should feel confident in your smile. As you probably know, your dental health is very important in maintaining a beautiful smile. Regular dental visits can help you maintain a healthy and aesthetically-pleasing smile, and cosmetic dentistry can improve any imperfections you currently have.

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